Customised Packing Slips

Customised Packing Slips

Brand your packing slips with logos, personal messages and discount codes.

As a print on demand service we are invisible to your customer. 

This means as well as taking care of the garment, printing and dispatch we also make it easy to customise your packing slips to fit with your brand.

You can upload logos, add and remove information from your packing slips with a few simple clicks from inside your account.

Custom Packing Slips for Print On Demand

Customisable Areas

  • 1) Add your brand logo to the packing slip header.
  • 2) Cusomise your greeting message to the customer including name/ no name.
  • 3) Personalised message to say something about your brand / returns info.
  • 4) Featured message for discount codes or call to action.
  • 5) Brand contact details including postal address and social icons with social media handle if required.