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DTG Printing

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Our Eco-friendly DTG Textile inks are GOTS certified, CPSIA compliant, OKEO-TEX certified and score 4 or higher on every test in AATCC wash tests.

Direct To Garment Printing (DTG) prints eco-friendly inks directly onto the fabric creating a highly desirable soft hand finish. It is excellent for reproducing photos, illustrations, intricate and full colour designs onto a variety of garments that would traditionally require a high number of screens and artwork separation to print.

There are no set up charges so it is cheaper to print short runs with no minimum order quantity. DTG also has no restrictions on artwork style or number of colours and can be used to print onto any colour of garment.

dtg print pricing

Quick and easy pricing for your order.

Head to the design tool page using the button below and follow these simple steps.

1) Select DTG Printing as the decoration method.

2) Upload your design.

3) Repeat for back / nape prints if required.

4) This will show the price per unit for your order.

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Artwork requirements for DTG Printing

You will need to prepare your design as a .PNG file with transparent background. 

When you upload your design to our website the resolution of your image is automatically checked and you will see a warning if the quality is low.

Images at screen resolution (72dpi) will result in a poor print and are not recommended.

DTG Printing artwork check

Artwork specs

  • Artwork resolution: 300 dpi at correct print size
  • File extension: PNG with transparent background.
  • Max standard print: 40 × 45 cm
  • Image Mode: RGB Colour
  • Image background: If your artwork has a white background and is only being printed on white garments this is ok otherwise the background must be transparent.

DTG Garment choice

For direct to garment printing the best results are onto garments that are at least 80% cotton, this is because the inks hold onto the fabric fibres better then polyester or viscose. Although the image will print onto other fabrics the washability might not hold up compared to printing onto cotton garments.

dtg printing onto dark coloured t-shirt

DTG printing on dark and light T-shirts

Direct to garment printing is suitable for both light and dark coloured garments. If the design is being printed onto a coloured garment a white underbase is applied first before the colour detail of your artwork.

Designs printed onto a white garment require no underbase which gives an even softer hand feel on the garment. 

The same print on a white garment and a coloured garment may not appear identical so we suggest ordering pre production samples of each before a full order if you are concerned about the colour reproduction  in your design.

CPSIA compialn




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