Terms & conditions


By placing an order with The Live Ink Co you accept sole responsibility for the copyright of any artwork submitted for printing. This means that you confirm you are the owner of and have the right to reproduce all artwork files submitted.

Artwork Proofs

It is your responsibility to check carefully any artwork proofs sent to you for all information including spellings and print sizing. Once a proof has been agreed The Live Ink Co does not take responsibility for any errors you may later notice.

Colour reproduction

If you have provided Pantone references for your artwork we will use these to generate mixing formulas for the inks that we use. Although the colour(s) will be matched to the best of our ability due to the high number of variables in screen printing it is not possible to guarantee an absolute match to a Pantone reference.

If you have not provided Pantone references for your artwork we will select the closest match for you based on how the artwork appears on our computer monitors. 

Colour reproduction using discharge inks for screen printing may also vary across garments depending on how they have been dyed as this can affect how well the discharge agent works at removing the base colour of the t-shirt. If discharge inks are used for your order you accept this possibility of colour variation.

Please note it is not possible to Pantone match colours for Direct To Garment (DTG) printing as prints are made up of CMYK inks and not spot colours.

DTG (Direct To Garment) printing can vary depending on fabric weight and weave. If your order consists of a range of garment styles, fabrics, colours or brands there is no guarantee that the the prints will reproduce identically across the order. It is recommended that samples for each garments style are ordered before commencing full production.

Print placement

Due to the nature of garment printing we work to an acceptable tolerance of 0.75 inches in any direction for print placement on the garment.


Whilst we choose the brands we work with carefully and do our best to spot any defective garments during the print process we do not guarantee that all garments will be 100% free from manufacturing defects. Garment defects may include but are not limited to variance in colour due to different dye batches, poor stitching, variation in sizing, pocket alignment and misshapen garments. 

Garment industry standard is to work to a 1 inch (2.54 cm) tolerance when sewing garments which can result in garments of a specific size being longer/shorter or wider/narrower than others of the same size. The Live Ink Co does not accept responsibility for such variances in sizing.

All garments provided by The Live Ink Co have wash instruction labels which must be adhered to. We do not take responsibility for any garment or print degradation that occurs as a result of not following these instructions.

Stock shortages

When you place an order we will check to ensure stock is available. In some circumstances stock that was shown as available from our suppliers may become unavailable by the time your order is confirmed or may be reallocated to a ‘back order’ meaning that it is not delivered to us and will arrive at a later date. If a stock shortage does occur we will offer you a suggested alternative, estimated date that the stock will become available again or refund you for the unavailable stock.


Due to the garment manufacturing process and the print production processes occasional defects in either the garment or the print are inevitable. Defects may be a stained or damaged garment or a misprinted or misaligned print. If this does occur on your order and we do not have stock available to replace spoiled garments you may receive a lower overall amount of garments to what you ordered. If this does occur you will be refunded for any missing garments. You may also receive the correct overall amount of garments but have shortages in one size and extras in another in which case you would not be entitled to any refund.  

Our spoilage policy is up to 5% on orders <100 garments and up to 2% on orders >100 garments

Turnaround times & delivery

Screen Printing and Bulk Orders

Our standard estimated turnaround time is 7–10 working days from the date of artwork approval and full payment or purchase order.

Once your order is completed and ready for dispatch you will be notified.

Orders are sent by DPD // UPS next day courier service and once dispatched we can not take any responsibility for delays in your order reaching you caused by the courier. 

Print On Demand and One Off Orders

Our standard estimated production time is 3-5 working days.

Royal Mail Delivery estimates:

  • UK - 1 – 3 working days
  • EU - 3 – 5 working days
  • International - 7 – 10 working days

Although we send all our deliveries with a national courier, we can only be responsible for your order until it is in the couriers’ hands, therefore we cannot be held liable for late deliveries by the couriers.

Busy Periods / Unexpected disruption to service

Busy Periods - We recommend that, if you are planning to focus on a specific date, i.e., Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter etc. allow 5 -7 working days for production plus delivery times.

Christmas - For November and December please allow 7 – 10 working days from production. Christmas production cut off will be the 11.59pm 11th December, any orders placed before this time will be produced and with the courier intime for their Christmas cut off, if not before.

Delivery times and estimates are based on the specific couriers, these may vary during busy times, best to keep an eye on the couriers’ websites for any major delays expected.

Strikes / Weather / Unexpected disruptions

For planned strikes we recommend adding 2 – 3 days for delivery onto the normal delivery times, this applies to all the courier services, even if it’s just one that is striking. As the other courier services get overwhelmed during this time.

We can not be held responsible for delays in your order reaching you caused by stock shortages, power/­mechanical failure in production or forced business interruption / closure.

The Live Ink Co does not take any responsibility for any loss of sales or profit resulting in a delay in the delivery of your order. It is important that you understand there is no offer of guarantee from The Live Ink Co to the customer regarding delivery dates.

All printed garment orders are catagorised as  ‘personalised goods or goods made to a consumer’s specification’ and as such the standard ‘right to cancel’ terms of purchase do not apply. This means that if your expected delivery date is missed you are not entitled to any form of refund or compensation and by placing an order with The Live Ink Co you accept these terms without reservation.

Cancelling an order

If you need to cancel your order please notify us as soon as possible. Once your order has been confirmed by invoice payment the following charges will apply.

If stock has not been ordered – £20 administration fee

If stock has been ordered – £20 administration fee + 20% garment restock charge + cost of delivery to return cancelled garments to wholesaler.

If production has started – labour, material and restocking costs as above will be charged.

If production is complete – it is not possible to cancel at this stage due to your order being a custom made product.

Returning an order

In the unlikely event that there is a fault or error with your order outside of our terms and conditions you must notify us within 7 days of receiving the goods. After this period you may not be entitled to a refund or reprint.

In the first instance you must provide us with photographic evidence of the faulty prints after which we will arrange for collection of faulty items to be returned to us for inspection. Once received and confirmed as a valid reason for return a reprint or refund may be agreed for all faulty garments. Reprints or refunds are only available for faulty prints and do not extend to cover the remaining garments from your order that are unaffected by the fault or error.

If a refund is agreed this will be at the same unit rate you paid for the garments and The Live Ink Co can not be held responsible for any loss of sales or profit.


Orders placed with The Live Ink Co require full payment upfront before they are processed and are payable by bank transfer, credit/debit card PayPal or cash.

If net terms are agreed payments must be made in full within 30 days of receiving your order otherwise interest will be charged in accordance with the Commercial Debts Act 1998.

Social media

By placing an order with The Live Ink Co you grant us the right to post images of your artwork to our social media. Should you wish to request that we do not exercise this right please notify us at time of placing your order.