Shopify: Setting Up Shipping Rates

Learning how to set up Shopify shipping options and rates with Live Ink's

To use our shipping rates on Shopify you will need to configurate Shopify to match the weight-based system rather than the price-based option.

How to change the default unit of weight

As our shipping rates are based on points/weight first off you need to change the weights to Kilogrammes to match ours.

On the Shopify dashboard click Settings > Store Details > Scroll down to Time zone and units of measurement > Change Unit System to Metric > Change Default weight unit to Kilogram (kg) > Save Changes


Assigning weight values to your Shopify products

Products will have to have a weight value assigned to them for the postage to work.

All products created on the Live Ink site and exported to your Shopify store with automatically have the point/weight value assigned, so you won’t need to do anything extra, this is why we always recommend creating new productions on our site. So, you can skip this section and go straight to SHIPPING RATES.

If you have existing products on your site and are linking them to our integration then you will need to make sure the weight-based value has been assigned.

Assigning weight values

All products need a weight value assigned to them; this can easily be done using Bulk Editor on Shopify.

Select Products – select All Products (click All box) – select Bulk Edit – click on Columns – scroll down and click Weight found under Shipping

To bulk edit, click the top cell of the Weight column, hold Shift and click on the bottom cell this will highlight all the rows in the column to change at once. Make sure to change the weight to grams (g). You can work in kilograms (kg) if you prefer, please make sure to convert all weight values (i.e., 100g becomes 0.1kg).


Below are the point values of items produced by Live Ink. Most items fit into either 100 or 200. Please note the points given in the chart below don’t relate to the actual weight of the garment. We are more interested in the value of the product. The value relates to the weight, size and bulk of the product to calculate the shipping costs.


The prices on our site are subject to change and may differ from the rates shown on this guide. Please check our shipping costs for the most up to date prices to use when setting up your shipping rates. 


The guide below shows how to set up your shipping rates to match ours, if you want to offer your customer free deliver or charge them more, adjust the prices are you go. Live Inks shipping costs that are charged to you will stay the same, even if you change yours.

To begin creating your rates, head to your Shopify Dashboard > Settings > Shipping and Delivery.


Under Shipping – click Manage Rates – create Shipping Zone – Zone Name ‘United Kingdom’ – add UK as the country zone – click Done


Beneath the United Kingdom zone, click Add Rate – Add Conditions


Rate name

The rate name will appear on the checkout to your customers. This also needs to include specific keywords to link in with our system.

Keywords for the UK:

  • UK Royal Mail 24 Tracked
  • UK Royal Mail 48 Tracked
  • UK Courier 

Keywords for the rest of the world:

  • Europe
  • Europe Tracked & Signed
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Australia / New Zealand Tracked & Signed
  • USA
  • USA Tracked & Signed
  • International
  • International Tracked & Signed


The example below will be based on our postage prices found here WEBLINK If you want to offer free shipping then leave it at £0.00.

Minimum weight & Maximum weight

The points/weight values previously assigned to the products, can be used to create the weight brackets.

There are three weight brackets, these relate to the points/weight values and postage prices found here WEBLINK:

0kg – 0.1kg

0.101kg – 0.2kg

0.201kg – upwards

See example below, don’t forget to click ‘Done’ when you’re finished!


Setting Up International Shipping Rates

We have listed below how to create shipping rates for all international post. You only need to set up the Shipping Rates for the regions / countries you would like to ship to. Make sure that you have set up the Markets (Settings – Markets) for all the territories you would like to sell to before setting up the shipping rates. We recommend making a Market for each of the different postal areas listed below, as this makes it easier when setting up the Shipping Rates.

Europe Shipping Rates

Create Shipping Zone – name it Europe – select European countries from the search box – Add Rate – fill in details as listed below, using the prices based on our Shipping Cost page – click Save


USA Shipping Rates

The USA shipping rates only apply to North America, the rest of the USA would be classed as International.

Create Shipping Zone – name it US – select North America / United States from the search box – Add Rate – fill in details as listed below, using the prices based on our Shipping Cost page – click Save


Australia / New Zealand Shipping Rates

Create Shipping Zone – name it Australia / New Zealand – select Australia / New Zealand from the search box – Add Rate – fill in details as listed below, using the prices based on our Shipping Cost page – click Save


International Shipping Rates

Create Shipping Zone – name it International Shipping Rates – select all other countries that haven’t already been selected in the other postage rates from the search box – Add Rate – fill in details as listed below, using the prices based on our Shipping Cost page WEBLINK – click Save



Once all the shipping rates have been set up, we recommend running a couple of tests for the different shipping rates.


Once you have done all this, then everything should be set up! Your Shopify store will now charge customers shipping the same rates that Live Ink charges you.