Environmental policy


Our facility is powered with 100% renewable electricity.


Our screen printing inks are all waterbased formulas which are Oeko-Tex and ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) certified.

Standard inks and all pigments are GOTS certified and our discharge print system is formaldehyde-free ensuring the maximum reduction in harmful chemicals and ensuringare safer and better for the environment, production staff and end-users

Our Direct To Garment inks are all waterbased GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, OKEO-TEX certified and CPSIA (Consumer product Safety Improvemant Act) compliant. 


Our screen printing facility uses state of the art energy efficient automatic printing equipment to minimise the amount of energy required for printing and minimise the occurrence of misprinted garments.

Screens are prepared using computer to screen technology removing the need for film transparencies which would otherwise need recycling or disposing of.

Water used during screen production and reclaiming is processed through a 5 step filtration system before disposal to remove any unwanted particles. 

Screens are reclaimed in tanks using a zero voc non hazardous solution that is self contained and reused.  

Our Direct To Garment printers use a closed ink system which eliminates any spillage or clean up. Waste ink solution is processed through a 5 step filtration system before disposal to remove unwanted particles.


Wherever possible we use organic cotton and sustainably produced garments with documented eco and ethical production traceability.

We are currently working with new and existing customers to educate the need for choosing eco-friendly and ethically considerate garment manufacturers.


For local deliveries we use a zero emission cargo bike courier.

Our chosen couriers have outlined clear plans to provide the UK’s most sustainable delivery service.


All boxes we receive stock in are reused to dispatch bulk orders in.

All our individual mailers used for print on demand or single item dispatch are fully recyclable FSC certified paper packaging.


Standard waste is recycled wherever possible under our transfer of waste agreement.

Misprinted, faulty or returned garments may be used for test printing or cleaning purposes.

All garments are then either donated to homeless charities / shelters if in good condition or recycled through our dedicated garment recycling partner.

Items processed by our recycling partner are either sent to developing countries for use as clothing or repurposed as carpet underlay, insulation or material for sports equipment.